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Born in 1956, Anne Geddes is an Australian business women, fashion designer and photographer who works and lives in New Zealand. She is notorious for her photographs of motherhood and babies. She is considered as one of the most successful and respected qualified photographers around the world. Geddes’s award winning baby photographs represent her belief that children should be loved, nurtured and protected. These iconic photos have been featured in books, greeting cards, calendars, photo albums, and on stationery and products. Her clothing brand is loved and respected universally and her work has been published in 77 countries. She was the bestselling author of New York Times, twice and fifteen million copies of her books have been sold worldwide. The books were also translated in 20 different languages, including Chinese, Finnish, German, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, and many more. In addition to this, more than 3 million visitors from beyond 190 countries visit, her website, each year.

Anne Geddes became a photographer at the age of 25. She always adored babies and this is why they became the subject of her photography. For her, the most important element in a photograph are emotions. In order to photograph babies, she does not conduct any auditions since they are very unpredictable. With babies, Geddes believes that the ‘click’ needs to be really fast. All her equipment is set up in advance in her studio. Most of her props are tailor made, such as huge shoes and flower pots.

In 1997, her book Down in the Garden boosted the hearts and imagination of people around the world. The book has more than one million printed copies worldwide. It became the bestselling gift volume in the United States. Time magazine praised the images as colorful and whimsical, and People described that Anne’ work does wonders with little models.

In 2002, Pure was published by Geddes and it was ranked number one on the Best Photographic Books of Barnes and Noble, constantly for ten weeks. The book included 123 rare color and black and white photos. The New York Times praised the book as having radiant photos and Publishers Weekly labeled it as fantastic. In 2005, she released Cherished Thoughts with Love, that displayed a selection of her photos in monochrome and color with her most liked childhood quotes.

Anne Geddes most inspiring, powerful and compelling book, Miracle was labeled by GALA as a miracle of fragility, and Britain’s Sunday Express described it as compassionate work. The book was published in twenty two countries simultaneously. This was the first time that Anne accompanied her photographs with a Céline Dion music CD. The Wall Street Journal included it in the bestselling non-fictional books list. Barnes and Noble, Publishers Weekly and Canadian did the same. It was also ranked highest among the bestsellers on for 2 weeks. Moreover, in 2004 for December, the book was the third in bestseller book list of Geo, a magazine in Germany.

The diversity in Geddes’s ten years of work is shown in Until Now, a book published in more than six languages. In Europe, it immediately became popular and gained critical acclaim. It was included in the bestseller list on France’s Livre Hebdo, and The Sunday Times. From 445 entries around the world, this book by Geddes won the 1998 Kodak Fotobuchpreis award.

Anne Geddes has published many more books, each hitting the market with something amazing to offer, including The Twelve Days of Christmas, 1997; Miracle, 2004; Beginnings, 2010; and etc.

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