2017 World Press Photo Contest Winners Have Just Been Announced

More than 80,000 pictures were submitted by 5,000 photographers for this year’s World Press Photo Contest. Photo of the Year was won by the Turkish photographer Burhan Ozbilici for his photograph capturing the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, in December. Here are the winners:

An Assassination in Turkey / Photo by Burhan Ozbilici/AP Photo

Taking a Stand in Baton Rouge / Jonathan Bachman/Thomson Reuters

Standing Rock / Photo by Amber Bracken

The Silent Victims of a Forgotten War / Paula Bronstein for Time Lightbox/Pulitzer Center For Crisis Reporting

Caretta Caretta Trapped / Photo by Francis Pérez

Cuba on the Edge of Change / Photo by Tomas Munita

Offensive on Mosul / Photo by Laurent Van der Stockt

Black Days of Ukraine / Photo by Valery Melnikov/Rossia Segodnya

They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals / Photo by Daniel Berehulak

Rhino Wars / Brent Stirton

What ISIS Left Behind / Photo by Magnus Wennman/Aftonbladet

Grand National Steeplechase / Photo by Tom Jenkins/

Boys Will Be Boys / Photo by Giovanni Capriotti

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