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Born in 1972 in London, Nigel Barker is an author, spokesperson, photographer, filmmaker and an ex-model. Since 1999, Barker is married to model Crissy (Christen Chin). The couple resides in New York with their children.

Barker had planned to continue with his education in medicine, however his mother got him on The Clothes Show, for a model search campaign, in which he won and with this he began his career in modeling. For approximately 10 years Barker modeled in New York, Milan, Paris and London. Observing the fashion industry, Barker became engrossed in photography.

Barker opened StudioNB, his photo studio in Meat Packing District, Manhattan in 1996. For a decade in front of the camera, Barker decided to be the one holding it. So, he pursued photography and quit modeling. He did photography ad campaigns and other projects for Interview, Town & Country, Ted Baker, Lexus, Nine West, Jordache, Ford, Sony, Pamella Roland, Beefeater, GQ, Cover, Tatler, Seventeen, and Leviev.

Gradually, Barker was becoming popular and buyers for his work were increasing in number. A call from Tyra Banks in 2004, opened an opportunity for Nigel Barker to photograph America’s Next Top Model. He also became the judge of the show. Following this, he became the judge for Miss America Pageant, 2007 and in 2012 for Miss Universe Pageant.

The third cycle of Canada’s Next Top Model featured the special appearance of Barker as a photographer. He also appeared in New Zealand’s Next Top Model in the tenth episode of the first season. In addition, he also came as a photographer and guest judge on Mexico’s Next Top Model’s first series and in the second season of Benelux’s Next Top Model. After all, his mother’s effort of making him a model and his personal talents gave him much benefit of being associated with these shows either as a judge or a photographer or both.

Apart from the appearances on different shows, Nigel Barker directed and produced a documentary, titled A Sealed Fate, chased by Generation Free and the Haiti: Hunger and Hope. These were in collaboration with Edeyo Foundation, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and The Humane Society of the United States – to stress on the world’s most imperative issues. Moreover, he is the celebrity representative for  Do Something, Make-A-Wish Foundation, The United Nation Foundation’s Girl Up; and campaign photographer for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

Moreover, Nigel Barker is the spokesperson for high-flying brands, among which are Sony, Crest White Stripes, Nine West and Microsoft. In Sony’s 2010 advertisement campaign, Barker appeared flanking Justin and Peyton Manning. In all, Barker has played multifaceted on television, feature films – cameo roles in Privileged, Stylista, Ugly Betty, Style Her Famous and The Young and The Restless; and in presenting/hosting events and shows. He also made a guest appearance in Arthur, a 2011 film, with Russell brand, Nick Nolte, Helen Mirren and Jennifer Garner.

Apart from this, Barker has hosted many award events like, Emmy Awards (2007, 2008, 2010) on Fox Broadcasting Company, the Genesis Awards, the Go Green social event (2008, 2009) and the Global Fashion Awards (2010).

Moving on, he published Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation: Revealing a Better and More Beautiful You (a book) released in 2010 September.

Prior to this, in 2009, barker had a photography exhibition at the Milk Gallery, New York – titled Haiti: Hunger and Hope. For this he was nominated for Do Something with Style Award.

He published and produced more books and projects in 2012 and 2013.

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