Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff

Born on 7th July 1971, Trey Ratcliff is a writer, public speaker, artist and photographer. He blogs about travelling on Stuck In Customs and posts photographs there regularly. Ratcliff’s work has been shown on ABC, CBS, FOX, BBC, and NBC.

In 1995, he graduated from Southern Methodist University where he studied mathematics and computer science. Ratcliff is known as the pioneer of High Dynamic Range photography. He opted for HDR photography in order to portray the scenes he wanted to capture in an extraordinary way. All his photographes have been licensed through Creative Commons Non-commercial. In the early years of his career, two HDR photos by Ratcliff won the fourth annual photography contest of Smithsonian magazine.

In 2009, he published his first photo-book, titled A World in HDR. It was available in many countries. From 2010, he started to release books on internet. The first one was Top 10 HDR Mistakes and How to Fix Them. All his e-books are on his website, Flatbooks which he founded in 2011.

Another website containing his work is on HDR Spotting, which he made with Denis Khoo. Guest editors on the site have been Kay Gaensler, Mike Criswell, Jason St. Peter, Brian Matiash, John Rogers, James Brandon, Chris Nowakowski, and Scott Wyden Kivowitz.

In 2010, he released workshop footages with instructions on HDR. Since then Trey Ratcliff has created many tutorials for beginners and veterans. Ratcliff has not only been photographing in HDR, he has been communicating his work globally through the internet and has helped other photographers with his workshop videos and tutorials. He has given speeches at Kent State University, Pinterest, Google, and in other conferences in the world. Additionally, he teaches the subject of photograph and holds workshops in cities worldwide, such as Queensland, Christchurch, and Paris.

In addition to this, he also made mobile applications, such as 100CamerasIn1. It is like other programs that allow its users to process the mobile phone photos using different effects in the app and post them on their social media websites. Another app by him is Stuck On Earth, which shows its users places to visit around the world. Moreover, he made a app called The Light Camera – Mark 1.

Trey Ratcliff’s photography and his blog is renowned, they are the brightest and biggest stars in modern time photography. After two of his photos were hanged in Smithsonian, his career just blossomed. He has been named as the pioneer of HDR photographic technique by Chris Anderson. His work has been in the highlights of print media like The New York Times.

Ratcliff’s work suggest his love for discovering and exploring places. His pictures have been considered by many as beautiful and gorgeous. One’s that inspire its viewers and fill them with surprise. Ratcliff has no formal training in photography, all that he stands for is his own hard work and learning. Before involving himself in photography, he tried out other forms of art like painting and drawing. However, photography became his passion.

In general, he captures photos using Sony NEX7 and Nikon DSLR. In terms of computer softwares, he uses Photoshop, Photomatix, and etc. Trey Ratcliff’s work is always amazing and unexpected. The best thing about him is that he likes to share his knowledge and experiences with others. He promotes his photographic and traveling adventures through the internet.

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